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Urban biodiversity is becoming increasingly important, as research shows that cities play a vital role in biodiversity conservation and management. Protecting and enhancing biodiversity also supports the health and wellbeing of communities and can contribute to effective climate change adaptation actions.

We know that the parks, street trees, backyards, schools and foreshore across the City of Port Phillip are home to an incredible amount of biodiversity. However, to protect and enhance this biodiversity Council need to gain a greater understanding of exactly what flora and fauna is within the City, and there has been no comprehensive attempt to catalogue a complete record of biodiversity across the City.

Across 2019 and 2020, the EcoCentre will engage community through 6 days of bioblitzes, two school audits, and home surveys to methodically collect spatial location (ie ‘pin drop’) records of fauna species abundance and habitat usage at 6 different land-use types.

Purple swamphen

Fauna records will be presented in the following contexts:

  • Flora structure (native/exotic, storey height, flowering or not)
  • Permeable surface area
  • Surrounding land use

Public bioblitzes will survey foreshore, parkland, streets, schools, and private properties. Port Phillip is lucky to have existing fauna surveys undertaken in some areas, therefore site selection will focus on aspects of the city with data gaps. Survey tools will be family-friendly and will partner with local amateur naturalists. Our survey method is compatible with Victoria’s ResourceSmart Schools Biodiversity Audit to maximise opportunities to partner with schools for surveys.

Public bioblitz dates: 

  • Spring: 16-22 November 2019
  • Summer: 18-24 January 2020
  • Autumn: 4-10 April 2020

We're particularly looking for volunteers with plant and animal ID skills to join the NatureSpot team. Interested in joining the team or learning more about NatureSpot? Fill in your details below and we'll be in touch closer to the dates!

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