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NatureSpot biodiversity surveys is a citizen science project where anyone can contribute to catalogue plants and animals living in our city. The community has submitted over 1000 sightings of flora and fauna since November 2019 on the NatureSpot website* to help us create a comprehensive species dataset for inner-south Melbourne. Your data will help us identify important habitat areas to enhance food, shelter and refuge to support our beautiful urban biodiversity.

* Submissions are deactivated during non-survey periods.

NatureSpot 2020-21

617 spots, 375 fauna, 212 flora and 30 fungi spots were submitted by 123 citizen scientists during our Spring Sep/Oct 2020 (blog) and Early Winter May 2021 surveys.

The 2020/21 surveys  took place across inner-south Melbourne suburbs (Macnamara electorate map). South of the Birrarung from Port Melbourne to Caulfield East and surrounds.

Download our report here for the full list of species and survey results! 

A huge thank you! to all our volunteers who helped our park surveys and those who submitted observations online during their own time! Special thanks to Saniya, Pascale, Gio, and Neil our Baykeeper for assisting with species identification.

Photo highlights

Wandering Ringtail	Austrolestes leda Ladybug, Micraspis furcifera Orbweaver, Araneidae sp.

Newly recorded species

We are excited to say that 30 fauna species were newly recorded in the City of Port Phillip and surrounding areas! This shows the power of citizen science and how your contributions are effective in monitoring biodiversity. The NatureSpot project is closed for now, but you can continue to submit biodiversity sightings anytime on iNaturalist.org to contribute to citizen science. 

Create habitat for biodiversity

Planting native plants in your homes, streets or school will help enhance our urban ecology for animals to seek refuge, food, shelter and breeding sites. Get some inspiration from our Grow Wild! habitat gardening guide to find out what you can plant to enhance biodiversity in your neighbourhood.

Download Grow Wild!

NatureSpot sightings showed that birds enjoy seeking refuge in canopy; forage on the ground and in the water. Shrubs and ground vegetation provide important habitat to insects and spiders, as well as small birds. It is also essential to keep our waterways, creeks and Port Phillip Bay healthy to support aquatic fauna, insects and water birds.

It’s great to see that all habitat levels of flora were sighted during NatureSpot. Groundcovers, shrubs and climbers are particularly helpful for smaller birds and insects.


NatureSpot is a partnership project with CrowdSpot.

NatureSpot 2020-21 project received grant funding from the Australian Government’s Communities Environment Program.

Port Phillip NatureSpot 2019-20 was supported by the City of Port Phillip and funded through the Department of Environment Land Water and Planning, Caring for Our Local Environment grant program.

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