Worm School

Online Incursions: Worm School

Program Summary

Location: Online
Incursion Duration: Self-paced 
Year Level: Early Years (pre-recorded videos)
Group Size: 10-100
Cost: Free
Availability: Available on demand
Program Themes: Worms, worm tower, nutrient cycle


Program Overview

Worms are an essential part of healthy soil.

Healthy soil creates healthy food; vegetables and fruits that we eat and need for our bodies to stay healthy. Worms help us to be healthy!

This activity is designed to help children develop sustainable actions. It investigates worm facts and looks at where worms may live in our gardens, worm farms, composts and in garden soil. The video demonstrates how to create a worm tower and put it in your garden. 

These activities may be extended to explore worms in greater depth, ways to improve soil health and benefits to removing waste from landfill.

Key Concepts & Questions

We are a part of a living planet and worms play a very important role. A big part of living sustainably is to be conscious of our food waste (organic waste). Our challenge is to audit our food waste and decide how much of it could be composted for use in our gardens at home or in our centres/schools.

•    How much organic food waste does my family/our group produce in a day, a week, or a month?  Where does it go?  How do our choices impact the environment?

•    Do we want to establish a composting system or worm farm and do we have support from my centre/family? What further research do we need to do? What options would work best for us recycling our food waste? Where might we create an outdoor space for worms? Can we research and create a chart of what worms like and do not like to eat?

•    What do worms do that help us humans? How can we reciprocate by demonstrating respectful stewardship towards these living beings?

Learning Outcomes (VEYLDF)

•   Children are connected with and contribute to their world (the natural world)
•   Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
•   Children are confident and involved learners
•   Children are effective communicators

Program Outline

In this session we explore: 

•    Worm facts, what they look like, where they live, and what they need to stay healthy.
•    How to recycle our organic waste so it doesn’t go into landfill and the relationship to our nutrition cycle.
•    How to create a worm tower to encourage more worm friends to our gardens

We will provide you with an online portal to access a 10-min video demonstrating:
•    A walk through a backyard garden exploring where worms may live
•    Learning about what they look like, need and how their castings benefit the garden and ultimately us.
•    How to create a Worm Tower for a garden bed or large pot.
•    20 Worm Facts
•    Worm song lyrics
•    Basic Worm Care tips
•    Resource links


This incursion is available on-demand. Please register below to receive the video links and materials to deliver to your students. These materials are available for free.

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