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Marine Ecosystems & Port Phillip Bay
Beaches around St Kilda
Explore marine ecosystems and human impacts, learn about our local penguin population, and uncover environmental history through Indigenous perspectives.
• Environmental History & Indigenous Perspectives
• Marine Ecosystems
• Human Impacts
• Pamper the Penguins
Sustainable Living & Urban Biodiversity
Port Phillip EcoCentre, St Kilda
Learn about sustainable living, get up close with our local biodiversity, create habitat for native species, and understand the local Indigenous culture. 
• Indigenous Perspectives
• Water
• Biodiversity and Ecosystems
• Wildlife habitat and Nest Box Design
• War on Waste
• Sustainable Living
• Sustainable Gardening


Save Sam the Sea Dragon
Incursion to your school
Join our puppet Sam the Sea Dragon as you learn about food chains and energy exchanges in an ecosystem, and why our local marine life is threatened by plastic.
Captain Trash
Incursion or Beaches around St Kilda
Through song and exploration, Captain Trash educates kids of all ages on the five ARRRGHs - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse and Remove.

Program Design

The EcoCentre provides a wide range of sustainability excursion activities covering waste, water, food, biodiversity, climate change and energy allowing you to tailor your excursion to match your curriculum needs, inquiry topic and student projects.

The activities delivered through our sustainability excursions will provide your students with hands-on experiences where they learn about resource consumption, lifestyle choices and actions they can take relating to waste, water, biodiversity, energy, food and climate change.

This program can be tailored to suit different levels of understanding, chosen in partnership with teachers at your school to meet the learning outcomes of your curriculum inquiry topic and big questions.

Your students will participate in a range of hands-on activities delivered at the Port Phillip EcoCentre in St Kilda. We deliver our activities through the ‘head, heart, hand’ approach to connect students to sustainable living choices and encouraging them to value and care for environmental systems.

Our activities have been designed to:

  • Engage with our Environmental Educators to deepen students understanding of local natural environments and stimulate thinking about innovative solutions to issues that arise.
  • Explore local environments through place based, hands on inquiry learning focussing on marine ecosystems.
  • Explain biodiversity and marine issues based on information gathered and innovative solutions that could address the issues.
  • Elaborate ideas by sketching designs
  • Evaluate designs and ideas through sharing and giving constructive feedback.

Learning Intentions

Students will:
  • Understand how sustainable practices and actions at home and school can positively or negatively impact locally and globally.
  • Gain an understanding of the impact of human influences on the broader environment
  • Gain an understanding of methods to reduce our impact on energy, soil and water and other planetary systems
  • Be able to think of creative solutions to problems presented
  • Be able to work collaboratively with others to solve a problem
  • Be able to express ideas as part of a group
  • Be able to design using a STEAM lens

The kids absolutely loved it, and the teachers even more so. A number of the students were very inspired and have decided to plant native trees and plants in their gardens! Thank you again for such a wonderful experience, it was the excursion of the year!

- Year 3 Teacher

We had an amazing time - the kids were really engaged, it was a great kick start to our inquiry unit and the teachers could actually enjoy themselves which never happens on excursion! The most valuable excursion I’ve been involved in for ages.

- Year 1/2 Teacher


These activities are best delivered as 1 hour session where schools with 1, 2, 3 and 5 classes can participate in 1- 3 activities. For excursions with 4 classes we deliver them as 4 x 45 minute activities.

Our maximum is 100 students (4 classes x 25 students) on a day. We deliver excursions over two days for schools with more than 100 students, for example 3 classes (75 students) on one day and 2 classes (50 students) on the second day.

Term 3 is fully booked, please make your booking for Term 4. 

Please note that we offer excursions on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. Wednesdays can be organised by special request (depending on staff capacity).

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