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Some days feel hard - yesterday my first smile wasn't clocked until 1pm. It was a joyful surprise when my mate Pete casually referenced mycorrhizae. Mycorrhizal fungi are tiny, threadlike networks linking plant roots with the soil -- swapping water, nutrients and sugars between plant and fungi. A handful of healthy soil may contain HUNDREDS OF KILOMETRES of this magical, subterranean potluck and microscopic buddy system. (Read more.) So, too, does the EcoCentre community exchange astonishing support, even now with less visible connections.  

Sustainability and climate action were the top theme of Council budget feedback -- thank you! Budget submissions are published anonymously, but perhaps it was you who wrote that visiting the EcoCentre is "a day changer," or noted the "strong focus on participation for all ages, networking and the sharing of ideas" and the team "establishes and demonstrates a much needed vision of hope and care to so many children". Did you mention the EcoCentre was "the first place in Melbourne where I connected with local community" or how it is "vital to my sense of place" plus "empowering climate action" and "the confidence to share what I learn"? (So many of us share these truths.)

The team plans to expand and honour all that you, your families, groups and our beloved living places deserve and value. We felt buoyed reading all 115 (!) submissions. I hope that you find some free programs and intriguing links below by which we might return the energy boost.... It's the mycorrhizal thing to do, after all.

EcoCentre Online Seminars and Sessions

Nature activities for the family

Volunteering and taking action around your house and surrounds

Managing your wellbeing

Good news stories

Help change politics from your home

Big thinking about the planet

  • Indigenous leaders are working with researchers to develop a market for native grains and grasses, to care for country and economically support Indigenous Australians.
  • Listen: what is a 'green recovery', and will Australia miss a once in a lifetime opportunity by relying on fossil fuels instead?
  • The global climate migration has begun. Read the first article in this fascinating series exploring climate refugees and how climate change may lead to drastic and rapid population shifts.

Our planet still needs our care. We're still doing what needs to be done!

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