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When I immigrated, my local connections were few. Volunteering at the EcoCentre introduced me to dear friends, to unfamiliar plants and seasons, and to tasks that re-centred my values after years in the tech industry. I walked Boon Wurrung Country with Parbin-ata Carolyn Briggs AM, Neil Blake OAM, Dr Beth Gott and a pipsqueak named Gio -- not quite understanding the epic cast with whom I happened to be sharing cups of tea! (I began to suspect something when they went off to hang out with Sir David Attenborough.)

That is the EcoCentre: humbly connecting knowledge, values and action by linking people. The short film Our Catchment tells the stories of four EcoCentre vollies, who started in different places on the globe yet all become linked through local action with our amazing community. You can now see the film's first public link on the FINALISTS page for the Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Awards! Thank you, also, as part of the EcoCentre, - I can't wait to learn and act with you (and properly screen this film!) when it's fully safe for gatherings again. 

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Nature activities for the family

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  • It's time for the Birds in Backyards Winter Survey! Head outside for 20 minutes and record how birds are feeding on your plants or how they're interacting with each other.
  • Citizen science has been growing around the world during quarantine. Find research projects around the world that interest you at Zooniverse.
  • Stopping light pollution from harming our wildlife is as easy as turning off your porch light. Find out how else you can reduce your light pollution for our native species.

Managing your wellbeing

Good news stories

Help change politics from your home

Big thinking about the planet

Our planet still needs our care. We're still doing what needs to be done!

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