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Our EcoCentre family, like you, feels pain these days. Our planetary interconnection is humbling as the world grapples with loss of schedules, concentration, health, livelihood and even life -- but at the same time there is kindness, bipartisanship, deep thinking about which bits of 'normal' we really want to return, and novel ideas for meaningful action. How to navigate it all? Rest. Breathe. And if you're ready, below we've selected different sorts of action ideas for yourself, your family and the planet. And our team is dreaming up more online workshops and offerings for you... A curious child once asked me, "Does it hurt when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly?" Well - the science is beautiful but gruesome, with cells basically eating themselves into mush that grows into a radically new form, with totally new behaviour. Please know that your EcoCentre team is here to help us, together, turn into something new and beautiful and perhaps unexpected out of the pandemic. Do reply with what is helping you, or wishes for what the EcoCentre could offer people and the planet during the next few months. And please stay safe!

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Nature activities for the family

Volunteering around your house and surrounds

Managing your wellbeing

Good news stories

Help change politics from your home

Big thinking about the planet

Our planet still needs our care. We're still doing what needs to be done!

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