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Help young leaders across cultures fight plastic – Chenxin Tu

Chenxin grew up in rural China, allowing her to develop a deep connection with nature. Moving to Australia, she felt isolated from the natural environment, and in particular noticed Chinese-Australians faced barriers to connecting with Australia’s environment. This dramatic shift stirred her to want to find ways in which all Australians can balance urban life with the natural environment.

At the EcoCentre, Chenxin developed skills she needed to turn her passion into a reality.

Chenxin became an active volunteer with the EcoCentre, being trained in local biodiversity and pollution issues through our Baykeeper Be the RE-Generation project.

“Volunteering with the EcoCentre enhanced my social and technical skills that cannot be acquired in an academic setting. It helped me understand how bay environments work and see the possible ways that society can coexist with a balance of urban life and nature.”

She took this knowledge back to Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School, becoming a devoted leader within Mac.Rob’s Environment Committee. She participated in and ran sustainability education activities and audits at school, and the Environment Committee won the Sustainability Leadership Award at the 12th School Sustainability Festival.

Chenxin became one of the EcoCentre’s first Multicultural Coastal Ambassadors. She channelled her passion for cultural inclusion in environmental advocacy, designing language-free videos and events to engage and empower Chinese-Australians, including those with no English, to connect with and protect our beautiful bay.

Turn their dream into reality

Your donation allows us to engage with a broader cross-section of Victoria, ensuring people across cultures have access to resources, knowledge, and opportunities to fight plastic pollution and protect our Bay.

Support our young Multicultural Bay Ambassadors to strengthen their employment skills and develop events that engage their cultural community with environmental action.

Your gift of $50 will cover our public transport stipend for two high school work experience students.

Your gift of $100 will help us write recommendation letters for young program alum.

Your gift of $500 will sponsor a week of mentoring for a young leader.

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