Multicultural Bay Ambassadors

Multicultural Bay Ambassadors program is a four month volunteer internship program for emerging professionals interested in sustainability education and engaging with CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse) communities. Ambassadors will be trained on a range of Baykeeper activities, mentored by EcoCentre staff, and then develop a inclusive events for Melbourne's culturally diverse communities, with the aim to introduce the beautiful bay marine life and encourage actions to care for the bay. Their experience and cultural knowledge will also help the EcoCentre better understand and engage effectively with CALD communities. 

Meet our Summer 2019/20 Ambassadors!


Jinhua, Noor, Saniya, Niharika


Jinhua Xue

I am currently studying the Master of Environment at University of Melbourne and have an undergraduate degree in environmental science. I’m from South-Eastern China near the Yangzi River. I began to pay attention to global environmental issues when I was a secondary high school student and have learned from documentaries about the Earth and climate change. I’m quite passionate about finding a positive way to live with nature and want to contribute to address environmental problems. I also like travelling especially to nature reserves and have done international volunteering at the Maldives. They are fragile to the global warming but the residents can do very little to protect their home. In the future, I hope I could do some contributions to conservation and restoration of ecosystem.



Niharika Sharma

I completed a liberal arts degree in environmental studies and international relations in Pune, India. I am currently studying a Master of Environment and Sustainability at Monash University with a focus on Corporate Environmental and Sustainability Management. My interest lies in improving the waste management systems and bringing a change in the various ways corporates can develop and improve sustainably. I love the water and want to do something in the field of managing waste being put into the water. I enjoy trekking and painting. I want to contribute to the community by working towards a clean and an energy-efficient future.


Saniya Dsouza

I have recently graduated from RMIT University with a Master of Environmental Science and Technology. Coming from a culturally diverse country I understand the importance of working together with different communities. Growing up in a suburb just outside Mumbai I have seen how unplanned urbanisation can negatively impact natural systems. As a child I would often accompany and help my grandpa out on our farm. This really taught me appreciate nature and understand how fragile and sensitive it really was. It made me aware about how the smallest of negative actions on our part can lead to greater challenges in the future. I enjoy being outdoors and love swimming, hiking and taking long walks. I have travelled quite extensively around India which has exposed me to different cultures and their way of life around the country. My studies have given me a deeper understanding of environmental issues and fuelled my passion for conserving our natural environment. I hope I can make a positive impact and increase public involvement in environmental issues through my efforts. This is especially important with the challenges we face today.


Noor Salman

I was born and raised in Pakistan. Before coming to Australia, I obtained a Bachelor of Environmental Sciences, and recently completed my Graduate Diploma of Environment from Melbourne University. I am really passionate about environmental issues such as climate change, global warming and the lack of public awareness towards their actions regarding unsustainable resource usage. I am keen to learn and implement effective strategies for these issues to work towards a sustainable future. I am also very interested in effective communication and awareness strategies for these environmental issues to the public and especially young people, who in my opinion are the ones who can hold our future together.


Our Summer 2018/19 Ambassadors

Elissa Howard

Elissa recently graduated with a Bachelor of Environments from the University of Melbourne. She considers herself a very active and adventurous person, and love spending her time outdoors and in the sun. Snowboarding, paddle boarding and hiking are a few of Elissa's hobbies. Travelling to different places around the world is not only something she loves to do, but it has exposed her to many different cultures and experiences, including her Japanese and New Zealand heritage. Elissa always had a great appreciation for the natural environment and she is passionate about making a positive difference upon the environment in as many ways as possible. Through her studies and passions, Elissa has developed a great interest in environmental education and sustainability. She hopes to contribute to the community in a way that enhances people’s knowledge on the importance of sustainable practises, to preserve the precious environment in which we live.

Katy Li

Katy is currently a first year undergraduate student studying computational biology at the University of Melbourne. She is passionate about biology and keen on putting what she has learnt into practice and is an advocate for sustainability. Katy values her Chinese identity, being born and raised in Shanghai, a city where people are surrounded by concrete. Her interest in the natural environment came later when she went to high school in New Zealand. Katy wants to explore the exciting possibilities and find the sweet spot between the urban and the natural world. Katy is outgoing, and enjoys badminton and figure skating in her spare time. She really wishes to contribute to the community to build interconnectedness between people and nature.


Yashoda Pathak

Yashoda grew up in the Southern Indian city of Hyderabad, India, and has had a passion for environmental issues from a young age. Fluent in both Hindi and English, she has experience learning from NGOs working with communities in urban and rural India. Yashoda believes that even in urban locations, humans are highly connected to their environments. In the future, she wishes to work with communities in nurturing and fostering local ecosystems, making a change where it truly matters. Yashoda is currently a graduate student in environment at the University of Melbourne. Her academic areas of interest include built environments and the hydrosphere.

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