Nairm Catchment Network around the Bay

Nairm Catchment Network is named for the Boon Wurrung word for Port Phillip Bay, which contains numerous smaller bays and catchments from which land feeds water from the mountains and plains to the coast.

The EcoCentre and our Port Phillip Baykeeper, along with Yarra Riverkeeper Associaton and Werribee Riverkeeper Association, will convene two workshops for waterway protectors, to develop priorities and models for a network that productively links the many catchments and their stakeholders in Port Phillip Bay health.

Nairm Catchment Network participants will consider how all stakeholders can improve practical collaboration on shared issues, and link on-ground expertise to government strategy and whole-of-catchment perspective.

We have consulted widely and conducted extensive field trials and have now launched a Whole Catchment Litter Survey in 3 formats enabling coherent data collection on streets, waterways and beaches, in a data format that feeds into established Victorian government tracking as well as the national Australian Marine Debris Database.

Currently, the project team are

  • Reviewing benefits and challenges of regional network models from Waterkeepers overseas
  • Preparing a digital 5-minute survey to tailor the workshop focus and ensure participation is valuable to stakeholders
  • Attending Melbourne Water's Health Waterway Strategy Co-Design Labs to reach out to (and learn from) the community, industry and government co-creation model. We expect that Nairm Catchment Network will garner learnings and keen participants through this forum and either re-inforce an emerging priority or cover a gap that is out of scope for Melbourne Water.

If you are keen to be involved please contact Neil on


This project is supported by a Proactive Grant from the Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation.