Well Waters

In 2015, 'Well Waters' provided $90k of rain tank & raingarden rebates, and coordinated 66 community workbees to improve Elster Creek for water, plants, animals and people.

The world-first Well Waters pilot mobilised 3,482 community members including students, business and residents who volunteered 4200+ hours toward improving the health of Elster Creek and Port Phillip Bay.

An innovative credit scheme translated this public volunteering into funding for 10 privately-managed sites to install rain tanks and raingardens, and convert 59 toilets and 2 showers to use recycled water. 31 groups partnered and with our community we removed 2+ tonnes of litter, installed thousands of indigenous plants, increased our wildlife species records, built nest boxes, created biology curriculum and more!

The Well Waters project helped mitigate the effects of Elster Creek floods, while improving habitat for over 800 local wildlife species, and bringing the community closer together.

This project was funded by the Victorian Government.


Our community effort was recognised through several awards:

• 'Environmental Sustainability' Finalist, Keep Victoria Beautiful Awards 2016

• 'Community' Finalist, UNAA World Environment Day Awards 2016

• National Clean Beaches Awards 2016