Early Childhood

The Eco Centre provides support for Early Childhood educators, offering a variety of activities, as incursions and excursions, for Early Learning Centres and Kindergartens. 

Select from our nature play inquiry and play-based excursions held at the EcoCentre, St Kilda Botanical Gardens, community food garden or at your Centre. 

Our most popular incursions and excursions are: 

  • Captain Trash
  • Our Beautiful Bay
  • Meet your Neighbours - Wildlife Discovery
  • Worm School
  • Edible and Indigenous gardens
  • Minibeast Safari
  • Sesory Gardens

We can run staff PD at centres or Early Childhood network meetings.


Download our Nature Play Activities Brochure.


For more information please contact Sharron Hunter on 9525 3102 or email earlylearning@ecocentre.com.

Exposure to 'nature play' is an essential to early childhood learning. When we make links to sustainability and environment education in the early years we provide an important awareness which will shape the behaviours and skills of our children well into their futures. Access to nature, clean air, water and soil, are essential to a child's wellbeing and their neurological and cognitive development.

"Exposure to natural environments improves children's cognitive development by improving their awareness, reasoning and observational skills." (Pyle 2002)